Wow, so it’s been a minute since I had a blog post on here. A lot has happened. Possibly the most important development is that I’ve become an author for The Black Library. I’ve written a couple of stories so far, “Amor Fati” (about Eidolon of the Emperor’s Children) and “To the Last“, a great yarn about void combat and an outnumbered and outgunned starship captain fighting…to the last (see what I did there?) That story appears in the Horus Heresy Anthology CTHONIA’S RECKONING.

I also got to write the lore and background flavor text for the World of Tanks Season Pass XIII which has a Warhammer 40K tie-in! This was an immense amount of fun and I would love to do more work like that. You can check out all the lore and a cool interview here:

Also, also got to write another story in the UMBRA universe, “Storm Surge” features our immortal Egyptian detective, Alex, getting on a protection detail for a uniquely talented teenager and getting up to some actiony hi-jinks. That story comes out soon in the NO GAME FOR KNIGHTS ANTHOLOGY from Baen.

That’s all for now. Lot’s more to come!